Creative fun on the internet!

After all of those weeks with boring stuff, now we have some cool art-sy fun!

I saw 3 websites that were really cool and now I’m showing you what they do.

The first website is This is sand and you can make sand paintings with them! You can click on the gray box in the corner to get intstructions and start making your own digital sand painting.

You can learn alll of the instructions by clicking on the small gray box in the corner.

It shows you how to change color, erase and create a wonderful masterpiece.



To choose colouryou press C, you can either choose 1 colour or make the colours change after every few seconds. Changing colours give the painting a cool fun look that is unique and special.    For example you can choose red and orange and you can create something like this:

It is simple and easy and is very fun tp use.


This is sand is very fun but there are  also alot of other sites that are creative, such as Magic Pen.


In magic pen, you draw shapes to get the red ball to knock down the flag.

You can also add hinges and pins to put the shape together. There are many levels, it starts out easy but then gets very hard.

      In some levels there is more than 1 flag to knock down and you have to push the  ball up hill.  You can restart and erase objects that you no longer need and work out  ways to pass each level.

It is very tricky and complicated but at the same time fun!


Another very interesting, disgusting and kind-of scary game is Virtual knee replacement sugery from Edheads.


First they ask you a few questions about surgery before you start cutting apart bones! 😛

After the questions, you draw on the persons knee, where they will cut (which is sort-of creepy) and learn what tools are used for which situations.

Then you cover the rest of the body and cut off blood flow to the leg and prepare for surgery. You then cut a line through the skin and open it up to see the bone (very very creeeeepyyy).

Then you use saws, drillers and jigs to fit things in place.

Spring break


After a long spring break, we are return to tell you what did we do in the spring break ??

People in my class have a places, things to do and to go,…

I’m going to Ben Tre , the country that is famous with a lot of rivers, and coconut,… During the trip we only going by boat because everywhere around us is only water. After this trip you will have something to remember like the candy that only sell in Ben Tre

Down here is some pictures and source of the image

Image source ( coconut )

Image source( boat girl )

                                                                               That picture is showing us the boat that we use at Ben Tre.

                                                                 The coconut is our famous fruit in Ben Tre. They use the coconut to make the candy

Image source ( Coconut Candy )

Image source ( Factory)

This picture show the factory where we can make the coconut candy. It’s really excited.

 After making the coconut candy and then it will be put in the box.

The candy taste really sweet.

Tourist Attractions

                       Tourist Attractions

Hi everyone!

In Viet Nam have many places to visit, like Ha Long Bay,  Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park.

This picture is the Phong Nha 

This is the picture of Ha Long Bay, and it’s very relax when you are there.

It’s not just Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha are cool, but more places in Viet Nam are awesome. I’ll introduction for you more places in Viet Nam, like: Con Dao island, Nha Trang beach, Hoi An ciy, Hue, ……

For a long time ago the Con Dao island is a special place because it’s has a very famous jail.

Nha Trang beach is awesome, the beach at Nha Trang is blue and very beautiful.

Hoi An has many famous old house, and in the midnight they’ll open the lantern, it’s very cool and very shiny.

Hue city center for international cooperation.

Con Dao island picture.

Nha Trang’s picture

Hoi An’s picture

Hue’s picture

Thank you for reading!!!

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Thank you very much!!!! :D:D

Tourist attractions

Hey there!

Ever wanted to visit Ho Chi Minh city but don’t know where to go? Well we have the answers right here!

In Ho Chi Minh city you can go to Ben Thanh Market, Van Thanh Park, The Opera house and many other places.

Ben Thanh Market is the No. 1 tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh city, it is very large and is always busy and packed with people trading, selling, buying.

Van Thanh Park is located in Binh Thanh District and is a beautiful area, with swimming pools and tennis courts this fine area also has restraunts and beautiful landscape with tons of plants everywhere.

The Notre Dame Cathederal is a large church that was built as a copy from Paris’s Notre Dame. It is not as big as the original one but does have a very nice garden outside.

The Opera house is large and very beautiful, it is always busy with shows and soon to come in May there will be a performance of Oliver Twist.

The Reunification Palace is where the President used to live before the capital was moved to Hanoi, inside there are tons of secret passages and very old antique items including a fancy car.

If you don’t mind going for a long car ride then you can also go to :

– Vung Tau: A nice beach located around 2 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City.

– Can Gio: A beach area with a very special monkey island, but beware to keep all of your belongings carefully hidden, those monkeys are very tricky. You can also take a canoe ride in monkey island to an area where soldiers lived in the Vietnam war.

– Cu Chi Tunnels: Some small underground tunnels that were used in the Vietnam war.


Hope this helps!!

Karmil Nguyen


The famous woman in Vietnam

These two famous women is our female hero in Vietnam, some feel that if the sisters had not resisted the Chinese when they did, there would be no Vietnamese nation today.


This picture is told us that Trunng sisters are  fight with their Enemies, To Dinh

 At that time, 40 A.d

Under the harsh rules of Chinese governor called To Dinh. People were  really poor, they had to give food to the Chinese peoples every month and every.  And there were 2 women, the daughter of a really powerful Lord. They were Trung Trac, the elder and Trung Nhi, the pretty younger. They lived in a time when Vietnamese women enjoyed freedoms forbidden them in later centuries. They felt angry and disagree with To Dinh, their enemies. So that they  called the strong, brave woman, and go and began the fight with the Chinese people. They were win, To Dinh is dead and then everyone were happy because now they are free and don’t have to listen to their enemies, give food to them etc

This is Trung Trac, she is beautful women with full of luck

After Trung Trac is this beautiful young women. She is Trung Nhi, the younger sister. She is as pretty as her sister. People in that time really love these 2 girls

But the Chinese people is not going to give up.

For the next three years the Trung sisters engaged in constant battles with the Chinese government in Vietnam. Out armed, their troops were badly defeated in 43 A.D. Give up because there are lot of people in Chinese that they can’t find. They sad , and someone told that the Trung sister are going to died in the deep river, but the other said that they were disappear into the white cloud.

After all of it people in Vietnam told that the Trung sister are the two young beautiful women that they need in their world.  Without them the people may not have this Vietnam,..

So people make a lot stories, poem,… about them. And this poem below will make you remind them :

“All the male heroes bowed their heads in submission;
Only the two sisters proudly stood up to avenge the country.”
15th century Poem

To Dinh is afraid from Trung sister. He is dead when he is on the way to Chinese

This picture is also our famous picture picture.


Tet holiday in Vietnam

In Tet holiday, everybody don’t have to go to school, work for one or two weeks because in that day it’s mean it start a new year. In new year, the adult have to give the children money. In that they when adult give money to the children, that is call ” lucky money” it will make you lucky in the new year or maybe it will make you lucky for hold year.

In Tet, every body eat Banh Tet it’s the traditional of Vietnam. On Tet, people eat Banh Tet these cakes are make by flower, inside some cake is sweet like green bean, red bean… and some kind is salt inside has meat. I love to it the salt one.

And when Tet comes, people don’t need to wear traditional clothes like Ao Dai… we can wear the normal clothes like t-shirt and jeans.

Outside the house, the lion dancing very fun. In people’s house, every house have plant the flower that has yellow color.

And these are the pictures of flower, lion dancing, Tet and Banh Tet:













Tourist Attractions

Have you ever seen Vietnam with a full of beautiful places. If you don’t , let’s visit our blog and seen a lot of famous, beautiful places in Vietnam. In our blog may help you see Vietnam through your computer’s screen, …

And have you ever heard Ben Thanh market, Opera house,’s really wonderful. And you know the Reunification Palace, the place that full of an interesting picture of the president and his family. In each period we will have a different president, different from the White house in America, this palace will make you feel excited about Vietnam.

What is your feeling about Vietnam??  I’ll bet that you are feeling amazing about this. After you visit our Reunification Palace, second place that you should go is Ben Thanh market. At there you will find and buy a loot of thing that only in Vietnam have and give to you. Each time that you go here you should buy something for your families and also you can buy some fresh fruit like : apple, pear,.. it may you feel like you are at home and enjoy our fresh fruit.

How wonderful is that ?? After a long time for you going to the Ben Thanh market , now we will show you our Opera House.  At here you will watch our famous film, show,…get  a chance to meet a famous people, talk and meet them, take pictures,,…

If you want your trip will be more exciting, take a tour to Cu chi. At here you will going inside the tunnels. Inside you will feel a like you are a soldier, then you are lost in this tunnel and you are going to find the way out. It’s a little bit dark, scared,.. After you find a way out, you will enjoy our famous food called grilled sweet potatoes. It’s really delicious!!

And now let’s travel to Vung Tau, our beautiful beach. At here you will enjoy in a cool water,, . eat our famous seafood.

An now let;s visit our beautiful and famous park called Van Thanh. It’s full of interesting thing. It have a big swimming pool and also it have a place that for children to play and the restaurant for the parents to seat their and watch their children are playing. I’ll bet that is a beautiful place for your children and also for an adult, too !!

and there will be more and more excited places in Viet  Nam. If you have a chance please, please come and visit our country !!

Now let’s see some of our pictures in Vietnam

This picture show us the place that full of water. It’s a beautiful with a green color. Look if    you have time spend a little and visit it.


If you have been here you always see some of the wedding will be happen here right.And also people usually go here to prays for their wish with God.



West Side Story

Have you watch The West Side Story and you like it? This is time for you to act in that amazing story! This show host by Ms. Alice, our Drama teacher which was really smart to choose The West Side Story for our big events of acting! The auditions also really fun (NOT as scary as I thought), students also has chances to dance and sing too (If you can) so who has the talent? Who wants to join the play? Let’s sign up now!